【Boost Event】5 Times Boost

Hai Soldier, We will have boost event from 2.00pm until 11.59 pm today.  Honor x5  Silver x5  Drop Rate x5  Intimacy x5 Call your friends to join us together now! Happy MAT~~ Regards, MAT Team

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【Attendance Event】FREE Gifts Today

Hai, Soldier, Attendance event will happen in MAT today. Remember to redeem the gift before it expired. HAPPY MAT!!   Time: 3pm~6pm   Sun Glass (Eye Deco) (7 Days)  Time: 7pm~10pm  Green Bamboo XM8 (2 x Micro Punch) (7 Days)  Date: 28/8/2018 How to redeem?  Login MAT in 3pm~6pm and 7pm~10pm.  Go to My Mail  Redeem gift Take Note If gift does't [...]

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How to sign up for a MAT Game Account

Step 1: Create Gamesoft Account Gamesoft account is an unified gamer account that lets you access all our games and service with a single login. Signing up for your Gamesoft account is free of charge and allows you to create a Mission Against Terror game account. Register Page Simply visit to Gamesoft Account Registration Page. You can also access it [...]

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MAT Closed Beta Announcement

Hi Soldiers, We will have a Closed Beta for Mission Against Terror Philippines that will start on 7 August 2018 and end 13 August 2018. We're pleased to announce all the changes, updates, and new additions that will be coming on Philippines! I would like you to remember to sign up for the MAT Closed Beta and participants will be [...]

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Announce the Grand Opening of MAT 2 in Philippines!

MAT 2  Philippines open beta in 15 July 2018!!! The Mission Against Terror 2 developers stated their satisfaction via their official twitter with the stress test, which included 10,000 key holders from around the world that were lucky enough to be the first ones to try out the game. Although the stress test wasn't a real success from an outsider's [...]

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